We have had no issues with this and they look wonderful in the area that we used them. They were easy to install and did not break or bend on installation. We bought a second batch to complete our project and to put them in new locations

This plastic landscaping edging has an upscale stone appearance & allows users to create right angles, curves, and bends, molding their gardens to their preferences
This landscaping edging has an upscale stone appearance and is fast and simple to install. This garden border is do-it-yourself and requires no tools to install

Plastic Stone Garden Edging | Decorative Lawn Border Edging

per 9.4″ piece – interlockable to make customized lengths


NO MINIMUMS – Order only the number of pieces you need



Made of high-quality and durable environmental protection PP material which is suitable for long-term use.

The stone look of this barrier blends well with the lawn while creating a distinctive border.

Prevents grass growth close to the edging. Its slim profile will protect garden beds without taking up too much space.


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NO MINIMUMS – Order only the number of pieces you need


per 9.4″ section

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Give your lawn edge definition with this weather resistant, maintenance free, premium plastic decorative, garden edging border.


This lawn edging has an upscale stone appearance and is fast and simple to install. This trim-free item is do-it-yourself and requires minimal tools. Despite its high-end appearance, this durable product is also reasonably priced.



This landscaping edging border easily adjusts, allowing users to create right angles, curves, and bends, molding their gardens to their preferences. The landscape stones border evokes a natural look with a minimalist design.


The 9.4″ wide edging sections easily connect with their unique trim-free flange on the side of each piece that allows for flexibility to help you to effortlessly contour and curve to various landscape designs to create right angles, curves, and bends, molding their gardens to their preferences.



The garden fence edging is made of non-corrosive long lasting plastic. These plastic fence edges can separate flower beds from lawn to make your garden look tidy, and prevent weeds from growing near the edges.


The lawn edging has a trim-free flange on the side of each piece. This feature prevents grass growth close to the edging and gives lawn mowers a surface to travel on – saving the user from unnecessary work each time they mow.
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What is Plastic Stone Garden Edging?
Plastic Stone Garden Edging is a type of garden border made from plastic material designed to resemble natural stone. It is used to create defined edges and borders around garden beds, pathways, or other landscape features.
What are the benefits of using Plastic Stone Garden Edging?
Using Plastic Stone Garden Edging offers benefits such as providing a decorative and attractive appearance, defining garden spaces, preventing grass or mulch from encroaching into flower beds, and providing a barrier for containing gravel or pebbles.
How does Decorative Lawn Border Edging differ from Plastic Stone Garden Edging?
Decorative Lawn Border Edging is a broader term that encompasses various types of edging materials and styles used for decorative purposes in landscaping. Plastic Stone Garden Edging is a specific type of decorative edging made from plastic material with a stone-like appearance.
What are the advantages of using Decorative Lawn Border Edging?
Using Decorative Lawn Border Edging provides advantages such as adding aesthetic appeal to the landscape, creating clean and defined borders, separating different areas of the lawn, and making maintenance tasks easier.
What is a Plastic Garden Border?
A Plastic Garden Border refers to a type of edging made from plastic material that is specifically designed to create borders and edges in gardens or landscapes.
Can Plastic Stone Garden Edging be easily installed?
Yes, Plastic Stone Garden Edging is typically designed for easy installation. It often comes with interlocking components or stakes for secure placement and straightforward installation.
Are Decorative Lawn Border Edging materials weather-resistant?
Yes, most Decorative Lawn Border Edging materials, including plastic options, are designed to be weather-resistant, providing durability and longevity even in outdoor environments.
Can a Plastic Garden Border be used for curved edges and shapes?
Yes, many Plastic Garden Borders are flexible and can be easily adjusted or bent to create curved edges or custom shapes, allowing for versatile landscaping designs.
How tall is Plastic Stone Garden Edging typically?
The height of Plastic Stone Garden Edging can vary depending on the specific product, but it is usually in the range of a few inches to several inches, providing a visible and defined edge for the garden.
Can Decorative Lawn Border Edging be used for commercial or public spaces?
Yes, Decorative Lawn Border Edging can be used in various settings, including commercial or public spaces. It offers a decorative touch while helping to maintain the visual appeal and organization of the landscape.


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